Tom Barron-Stonecarver

Carves House Names-Datestones, cuts letters of all kinds, large or small. Sculpts gargoyles, birds and architectural features, if you would like to carve your own Housename, Datestone etc I offer carving experience days based in lovely woodland off grid in Englands Lake District. I can supply stone for certain projects and tools for your use, most projects can be completed in a day and I charge £225 per day.
email me to book.


You can contact me on 07733290801.


Relief cut letters in slate around £15 a letter.

Lintle in sandstone, larger cut letters around £30 a letter.

My work ages well.

All letters cut by hand

Completed sign fitted to wall and guaranteed for ten years £375.

Work in progress

Over 20 years old. Three foot diameter.

Order a sign like this from £1760