Tom Barron-Rural Stonework.

I Carve House Names and Datestones, cut letters of all kinds, large or small. I can supply architectural features.
email me with your requirements, I will respond quickly. Thank You.

I work mostly with newly quarried Yorkshire sandstones and Burlington slates and stones. I have good access to new and reclaimed stone and can sometimes supply flagstones, granite setts, stone roofing slates etc. It's worth asking me if you need some. I'm not a big business but I know a few people.

You can contact me on 07733 290801 if you like. I am based in Englands Yorkshire Dales and Lake District.
website updated March 2024 

Recent work in sandstone 24" 13" 2" thick

Lintle in sandstone, larger cut letters around £35 a letter. This complete lintle around £690

My work ages well.

All letters cut and guilded by hand

Completed sign fitted to wall and guaranteed for ten years £175.


Over 20 years old. Three foot diameter 18 inches thick York Stone.

Order a sign like this from £1100


Interesting sandstone shard with sign potential
email me

Large sandstone block, will make a great sign
email me

I can come and work at your place if required.


I can do on site repairs and add inscriptions to gravestones.